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Rejected Radiology requests
Last Post 16 Dec 2010 05:58 PM bydavisonp. 1 Replies.
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DaveJUser is Offline
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09 Dec 2010 12:27 PM  
I wonder if anyone could give me some info as to how they inform the requestor that a Radiology request has been rejected. Currently, Radiology will write on the request form and send it back to the requestor but our intention is to not have request forms with order comms.

I know that CRIS will send an order update back to ICe and mark the request as Rejected but that doens't proactively notify the requestor at all.

Any views most welcome
Paul DavisonUser is Offline
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16 Dec 2010 05:58 PM  

At UHBristol I don't think we have come up with anything different. We would make reasonable attempts to contact the referrer as ICE clearly shows the user and contact details. Following that we would send a return slip with the cancellation reason to the consultant (ICE does not necessarily equate with completely paperless - rather paperlite!). This would be mainly for OP requests. For urgent inpatient requests I would expect the users to be chasing up the request proactively since our examination turnaround would normally be within 24 hours.

Its a shame alerts can't be added on the requesting side rather than just the results side.



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